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Munich Festivals: Tollwood


Munich Festivals: Tollwood

The Tollwood used to be an alternative festival, but has become more commercial within the years. In contrast to the Oktoberfest that is based on drinking beer and eating particularly Bavarian food, the Tollwood is rather multicultural. There are many stalls and tents where you get food from all nations and goods from countries throughout the world are offered. In addition, there are many events like concerts, theaters etc.

Particularly the Tollwood Summer Festival is quite recommendable because you can have a great time out in the open. Of course, there are beergardens and tents as well, but even if there might be many people, it will never be as loud as the Oktoberfest.

The Tollwood Winter Festival is not actually a Christmas Market, but a place where arts and crafts are sold in the numerous stalls and many shows and performances take place. Especially in the evenings, the Tollwood Winter Festival is great because of the colourful lights of the stalls and tents.

Tollwood Winter Festival

For information on the programme of the Tollwood festival in 2008 click the following link: