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Munich Castle: Residenz


Munich Castles: Residenz

The Residenz in the center of Munich used to be the city castle and residence of the Bavarian dukes, electors and kings.

This huge palace is the largest city castle of Germany and today, one of Europe's most famous interior-design museums.

The complex of buildings comprises 10 courtyards, the museum includes 130 exhibition rooms. Developed over centuries, the Residenz is a mixture of various styles such as Renaissance, baroque, rococo and classicism.

The "Königsbau", the "Alte Residenz" and the "Festsaalbau" with the Cuvillies theatre are the three main parts of the Residenz. In front of the entrance of the Residenz, there are 4 bronze lions - touching their nose makes you lucky!

For further information inclusive address, opening times and entrance fees of the Residenz and its museums see Museums - Residenz.
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