Munich Travel Guide: Highlight of 2008 - Munich's 850th Anniversary
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Munich Travel Guide: Munich's 850th Anniversary 2008


Highlight of 2008: Munich's 850th Anniversary

In summer 2008, there will be Munich's birthday: the 850th anniversary of the city that of course has to be - and will be - celebrated properly. Munich's official birthday is June 14th, 1158.

There are organised many events and celebrations, most of which taking place in June and July.

But not only this: in addition to the official celebrations such as the "Stadtgründungsfest" (City Foundation Festival) in June and the "Isarbrückenfest" (Isar Bridge Festival) in August, there will be many events carried out by private people and organisations.


Many exhibitions as well as plays and concerts will take place.

Not to forget the presents Munich gets: they include for example a memorial medal, the reopening of the renovated Cuvillies theater and the reorganised Valentin museum as well as charitable foundations.

All the celebrations and events are themed "Brücken bauen" (Building Bridges), which means that a connection is made between Munich when it was founded and a monastery and the present state of the city.

In the following, you find a list of the most important official celebrations of Munich's 850th anniversary in 2008.
Marienplatz Munich

City Foundation Festival - June 14th / 15th, 2008

On the weekend of June 14th / 15th, there is a festival for celebrating the actual foundation of Munich called "Stadtgründungsfest" (City Foundation Festival). In the center of Munich, there will be many events during this citizens' festival, e. g. an arts and crafts market as well as folk dance performances.


Altstadtringfest - July 19th / 20th, 2008

The Altstadtringfest in Munich will take place on July 19th / 20th at Munich's Altstadtring, i. e. the circular road enclosing Munich's Old Town. There will be organised many cultural events such as concerts and plays as well as celebrations.


Isarbrückenfest - August 1st - 3rd, 2008

Following the motto the birthday celebrations, there will be carried out the Isarbrückenfest, which means celebrations at the bridges of the river Isar. These celebrations will take place from August 1st until August 3rd, 2008 and include for example fireworks, light installations, concerts as well as dancing under the bridges of the Isar.