Munich Monuments: Maximilianeum
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Munich Monument: Maximilianeum


Munich Monuments: Maximilianeum

The Maximilianeum at the end of the luxurious Maximilianstrasse in Munich is the seat of the Bavarian Parliament as well as of an academic foundation for talented students from Bavaria and Palatinate.

In 1852, Maximilian II put the architect Friedrich Bürklein in charge of constructing the Maximilianeum as conclusion of the Maximilianstrasse and the building works started.

Despite the fact that the architect died in 1864 and in addition, the plans were changed to Renaissance style, the Maximilianeum was finished in 1874.

Until the year 1918, the Maximilianeum accommodated a German academic foundation as well as a historic gallery.

During the Second World War, the building was seriously destroyed.

In 1949, the Maximilianeum became seat of the Bavarian Parliament.
Maximilianeum Munich