Munich Squares: Isartorplatz
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Munich Square: Isartorplatz


Munich Squares: Isartorplatz

The Isartor at the Isartorplatz is the eastern city gate of the second, larger city wall and was constructed in 1337 within the scope of the enlargement of Munich between 1285 and 1337 by the Emperor Ludwig IV.
As the third and last of the three city gates of this second fortification, it has a medium main tower that projects above the rest of the gate.


In 2005, it received a large clock at the main tower. As the Isartor accommodates the Valentin-Karlstadt museum (Karl Valentin and Lisl Karlstadt are two famous originals of Munich) and in Bavaria, everything is different, one of the clocks goes anti-clockwise. Above the museum, there is a nice cafe in one of the towers where you get original Bavarian food.

When you pass the Isartor now, you enter the road called "Tal" that leads to the Marienplatz.