Munich - Bavarian Food & Drink
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Munich Travel Guide: Bavarian Food & Drink


Bavarian Food & Drink

Altough most people think that Bavarian food is mainly based on meat and quantity is more important than quality, you should try some of the most favourite meals of the Germans.

Popular main dishes are "Schweinebraten" and "Schweinshaxn". Sweet dishes or desserts in Bavaria are "Rohrnudeln" and "Dampfnudeln". In summer, you should try "Zwetschgendatschi".

The highlight, however, is the Weißwurst.

Most of you will probably know the favourite drink of the locals and meanwhile, of many of the visitors coming to Munich as well - beer. But the term beer is only a general designation. There are many varieties of this drink. In addition, there are certain rules to be considered when you drink it. Of course, people drink not only beer - but as it is the most typical Bavarian drink, we will mainly deal with beer in this section.