Munich Travel Guide: Bavarian Food
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Munich Travel Guide: Bavarian Food


Bavarian Food

As mentioned before, the Bavarian food does have the reputation of being based mainly on meat and quantities. This was the case decades ago when many people were farmers and had to work quite hard. In the meantime, however, the Bavarian cuisine has changed a lot - despite this, it is worth trying some of the most famous typical Bavarian meals or snacks.

When you want to start the day with a typical Bavarian breakfast or have your first snack (called "Brotzeit" in Bavaria), you should try a Weißwurst breakfast.

The Weißwurst ("white sausage" because the colour is white) is a sausage consisting of veal of with rind and bacon and spiced with salt, pepper, onion, lemon and parsley. The Weißwürste are heated in a pot of water and have to be eaten together with a Bretzn and Bavarian sweet mustard. The ideal drink is Weißbier. But be careful: an old law says that a Weißwurst must not be eaten after 12 o'clock a.m. Otherwise you might not get a good and hot one. When a Weißwurst is served cool, something must be wrong. The Weißwurst is supposed to have been invented in Munich on February 22nd, 1857, i.e. it had its 150th anniversary in 2007.

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Pretzls, Leberkäs, Obatzta, radish and red radish are popular snacks that are ideal to be taken to the beergarden as "Brotzeit".

Favourite main dishes are "Schweinebraten" (roast pork) and "Schweinshaxn" (knuckles of pork). There are different ways of preparing them, but it is quite common to bake them in the oven in order to get a good gravy. As these roast meats often are very greasy, they are usually served with dumplings, which are lumps of dough that are heated in hot water. There are various types of dumplings, for example "Semmelknödel" (white bread dumplings) where you add small pieces of rolls to the dough or "Kartoffelknödel" (potatoe dumplings) which are based on potatoes. Proper dumplings ususally have the size of a tennis ball and are quite filling. Popular side dishes are potatoe- , cabbage- and celery salad as well as sauerkraut or red cabbage. If you don't like pork, it is also possible to eat grilled chicken, which is very popular as well, for example on the Oktoberfest. If you prefer fish, it is worth trying a Steckerlfisch, i.e. fishes that are put on a certain stick and grilled above the open fire. The fishes usually are freshwater fishes from the Bavarian lakes such as whitefish or mackerel.

Popular sweet dishes or desserts in Bavaria are "Rohrnudeln" and "Dampfnudeln" (sweat yeast dumplings) which are commonly served with vanilla sauce. The dough of these sweet dumplings is prepared with yeast.
In summer, you should try "Zwetschgendatschi", which is a plum cake. Opened plums without stones and particularly shaped are laid onto a plate covered with yeast dough and baked in the oven. Unfortunately, this delicate cake is only available in summer as it is best to be eaten with fresh plums.

Of course, there are many other Bavarian dishes, but the above-mentioned are the most typical and popular ones. In order to try them, it would be worth to go to a good Bavarian restaurant, or even better, to have it prepared by a local person.

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