Munich Gardens & Parks: English Garden
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Munich Gardens & Parks: English Garden


Munich Gardens & Parks: English Garden

For locals as well as for tourists, the English Garden in Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Germany, has become an important place for relaxation and leisure activities such as walking, riding a bike, eating and drinking, sunbathing.

With an age of more than 200 years and a size of about 4 km², the English Garden is the largest park in Munich.

In 1789, the elector Karl Theodor of Bavaria ordered the development of a military garden around the banks of the river Isar in the north of Munich which used to be a neglected and swampy area then. Following the example of English gardens, it was designed by the American Benjamin Thompson (later Earl Rumford).
The Chinese Tower, which is a famous sight with a large beergarden now and due to its striking structure and brilliant atmosphere, really worth a visit, was constructed in 1790. About 2 years later, the English Garden was opened to the public. In 1802, an artificial lake, the Kleinhesseloher See, was built.

Next to the lake, there is a beergarden as well and it is possible to rent a boat and go for a row on the lake. The highest point of the English Garden with a nice view is the Monopteros, which was constructed by the architect Leo v. Klenze on an artificial hill in 1837. Also worth a visit is the Japanese tea house where regular tea ceremonies are held. Not to forget the other beergardens which are located in the north of the English Garden, the Aumeister and the Hirschau. It might be a good idea to ride there by bike.
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