Munich Museums: BMW-Museum, BMW Welt
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Munich Museums: BMW-Museum


Munich Museums: BMW-Museum

The BMW museum near the Olympic Park is one of Munich's most popular museums. Opened in 1972, it deals with the history of the BMW company as well as the development of technology including the future.

At the moment, the museum is closed and will be re-opened in 2008. However, there is an exhibition instead near the Olympic Tower during this period (see photograph).

BMW Museum

80809 Munich
Tel.: 089/38225652
Open daily from 10.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m.
Entrance fee: 2 Euro (regular) / 1.50 Euro (reduced)
BMW Museum
BMW Welt Munich

In October 2007, a new masterpiece of architecture was opened by BMW in the Olympic Park: the BMW Welt (BMW World). Not only the architecture is stunning: There will be carried out exhibitions concerning BMW, but also social, political and cultural events.